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Noncompetition Agreements: Protecting Customer Relationships & Confidential Information

March 20, 2013 Leave a comment

On Tuesday, April 23rd MBBP is hosting a complimentary breakfast program titled “Noncompetition Agreements: Protecting Customer Relationships & Confidential Information“. Employers often ask: “Are our non-compete agreements with employees enforceable?” The answer often depends on whether the employer took the necessary steps to put an effective agreement in place. Courts in Massachusetts generally will enforce reasonable agreements when necessary to protect particular employer interests, such as customer relationships and trade, from misappropriation. On the other hand, courts generally do not enforce non-compete (or non-solicit and non-disclosure agreements) when no real protectable interests are at stake, the restrictions are unreasonable, or the employer has undermined its ability to enforce them.

This Program will identify the steps employers can take to increase the likelihood that a court will enforce its restrictive agreements with employees, provide education and insight into how such agreements are enforced by employers, and de-mystify the litigation process. We will also review recent legal developments that may affect whether the agreements you currently have in place with employees are vulnerable to attack by departing employees.

Our presenters have decades of experience advising employers and litigating cases in this area and we expect that attendees will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the program. Through discussion, we expect a very enlightening exchange of practical ideas and a range of employer experiences.

Please visit our event page for more information or to register.

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